Banking Data Entry Process 

Our Banking Data Entry Process Outsourcing offers Banks a potential upper hand in the marketplace as it provides organisations with the capacity to quickly secure the best peoples and decrease operational expenses and eventually increase benefits. A WPCL approach to comprehensive change of the backend processes of a bank with a community-oriented way to deal with conveying the service so you can focus on your activities.

Manage Post Dated Cheques

We provide a PDC service which incorporates data required for introduction of PDC for clearing, pulling of cheques due for introduction, compromise and approval of points of details, for example, dates, EMI, bank and batching of cheques by area/presentation center. Our effective PDC management service will encourage a decrease in your headcount and expenses.

Cheque Processing

Our Check preparing services will deal with all activities from scanning, confirmation, data entry and reporting, handling of returned cheques to compromise and secure storage of cheques.

Cash Management Services

We provide different services relating to Cash Management and Remittance units shifting from scanning of documents to checking and confirmation.

Credit Analysis Services

Our credit examiners can complete a basic assessment of Financial Statements, Cash Flow statements, Feasibility studies through the use of well-developed investigative and logical capacities. Advance they assess yearly reports and audited financials and finish loan applications while checking the accuracy of approved limits.

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